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Our History

At Corriculo, we strive to deliver long-lasting relationships between candidate and recruiter that make a continued difference. Our clients benefit from over 40 years’ recruitment experience, specialist sector knowledge and our extensive network of IT & Scientific industry experts.

Founded in November 2013, Corriculo was formed to provide professional, specialist and comprehensive IT and Scientific recruitment services to Oxfordshire and the surrounding region.

After growing tired of the traditional recruitment service disproportionately favouring client over candidate, we decided to make a change. We built our recruitment strategy on strong ethics with a culture of treating both candidate and client as equal.

Fast-forward to the present day, we’re now one of the UK’s most experienced specialist recruitment agencies, supporting clients across the nation from our Oxford and Bristol-based headquarters.

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How we differ from the traditional 360 recruitment companies

Say goodbye to your traditional 360 recruitment model. We’re dedicated to defeating the stigma associated with the recruitment agency process. 

Our strategy works with both client and candidate every step of the way to deliver working relationships that match internal culture, experience and personal aspirations.

Dedicated Account Managers

Our account managers work closely with each client to understand their roles, requirements and internal culture, allowing us to place a seamless match for their existing teams.

Specialist Sourcing Consultants

Our specialist sourcing consultants support candidates throughout the entire recruitment journey, supplying updates, interview preparation, assessments and impartial feedback.


Mission & Vision

Corriculo was formed with the aim of providing a better candidate experience for those seeking to engage with a recruitment agency.

Our founders were united in the belief that candidates were consistently being treated as second class citizens by agencies throughout the industry, compared to clients.

At Corriculo, we strive to provide a high quality, professional service to all, going against the traditional grain of the recruitment industry.


What Matters To Us?

Our core values underpin our culture, who we are and what we do. They inform the decisions and actions we take to shape our business.

We operate an open, honest and transparent culture to benefit our stakeholders.
Continuous Improvement
We learn, we understand and we innovate for both our clients’ and candidates’ gain.
We adopt an empathetic, human approach to recruitment, investing the time to get it right.
We actively try to share our knowledge throughout the recruitment process to both candidates and clients alike.


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