Matching awesome candidates to incredible vacancies isn’t the full extent of our talents. We believe in providing high-quality, informed consultancy on how best to position yourself as the company that the best talent wants to work for. We can tell you what candidates want and don’t want, helping you to move your business forward with the very best people possible. We will help you to be competitive in the marketplace.


Above all, we’re honest. For too long, Recruiters have had a reputation for being unscrupulous and as people not to be trusted. We opened Corriculo with honesty & integrity as a cornerstone of the business. If you are talking to one of our consultants then they will be telling the truth. So if you’re looking for a candidate that simply doesn’t exist or have applied for a role which is a little bit beyond your skill-set at this current time, we’ll tell you!


Recruiters traditionally have been focused on the client, treating the candidates poorly in the process. We’re aiming to stop this trend, focusing on helping you find a job. We provide impartial CV advice and interview tips, meeting the majority of our candidates during the process to help them out. We also host regular free breakfast seminars for jobseekers. We want to be a valued source of information for our candidates, during the job-search and beyond.


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  • July 2020 : Recruitment Update

    We believe that it’s important to be informed about the decisions, actions and processes being put into place and used by local businesses and professionals. By being informed, we are better able to advise our clients and local professionals to make informed decisions too. We hope you find this information useful, please find our Recruitment […]

  • Data Science Oxford – June 2020

      On 18 June 2020, we’re pleased to have supported the Data Science Oxford meetup group with their very first online event. With more than 30 people in attendance, we were joined by Jon McLoone from Wolfram Research Europe to discuss “Big Problems with Big Data: Managing Risks in AI”. Daniel Hicks, Sourcing Consultant at […]

  • Celebrating 500 placements!

      We’re pleased to announce that since 2013, we have successfully introduced 500 enthusiastic and highly-talented candidates to over 120 excellent IT and tech companies across the world.  “Recruitment is a privilege” This is one of our founding beliefs and something that still influences our everyday interactions, attitudes and behaviours. Reaching a milestone like 500 […]

  • Why an informal interview is never just a check-box exercise

    It’s a common misconception that an ‘informal’ interview is just a check-box exercise and not to be taken seriously. And as a result, all too often we see excellent candidates fall at the last hurdle. Whether it be an online or physical meeting, all contact between candidates and clients throughout the recruitment process are extremely […]