Why trust is key when working with Recruitment Consultants

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The jobseeker/Recruitment Consultant relationship is often overlooked which could be a big career mistake. A Recruitment Consultant that you have a good relationship with will be your biggest advocate to future employers.



So, how do you get the most out of the relationship?



You need to attract each other’s attention.

Recruiters will do this through adverts, social media and their general reputation. Adverts are a good way to see which agencies work on the roles you are looking for but it’s just a first step, think of them like dating website profiles. Jobseekers should lure them through your social media (particularly LinkedIn), CV/applications and most importantly calling them. This is too big an area to cover in this article but we offer lots of advice on our twitter feed @corriculorec or our G+ community.



You need to click. Are they right for you, are you comfortable with them and feel they will serve you well?

We recommend that you work with an agency that 1) specialises in your sector and 2) is based in the area that you’re looking to work. Why is that so important? Well local, specialist agencies will have strong contacts with a wide variety of companies in the area, combined with the local knowledge that will help you know which job is right for you overall. Let’s face it, the right job is not just about the money and the job description, there are many other things in play. A good consultant can tell you about these things.



You need to communicate

Recruiters need to get to know you, your background and what you are looking for. You need to get to know them, what they are doing for you and what roles they’re working on. Exploring the roles they have and that you have applied to will help to refine the process. Once you have had a chat with the Recruitment Consultant, you should know if they are a person you want to work with. It may even be the case you don’t want one person within an agency but are happy to work with someone else.



You both need to be honest

If there is something that may affect your search, tell your consultant. They can help you to decide how best to overcome the issue, or tackle it on your behalf, but only if they know what’s coming. In return, the agency needs to be honest with you. If there are other candidates under consideration, then you should know about it. You should be given honest feedback on your CV / interview. It may not always be pretty but if you are not really being told why you’re not progressing, you will never get a job.



A common issue that consultants face is candidates lying about why they cannot/didn’t attend an interview. I had one candidate who told me on three separate occasions over a six month period that their Mother had died – only for me to speak to her after one of his no-shows. There is a whole variety of reasons why you cannot or don’t want to attend but it is much better to be honest. The two of you may need to amend your search and you don’t want to burn any bridges with a consultant or employer you may end up needing in the future.



You need to maintain the relationship by keeping in contact with each other

Let your recruiter know if you have interviews/offers going on etc so they can keep their clients up to date, making the process smother for everyone. They’ll tell you what’s happening with your application and any new jobs. Keeping in touch helps to build the relationship and puts you top of their list when a new role comes in.



With these things in place a recruiter should be the best tool in your job hunting arsenal leaving you to sit back and wait for the perfect job to arrive.



Victoria Watkins is Office Manager here at Corriculo Ltd. After working as a Recruitment Consultant for 5 years she moved to Office Management for an IT consultancy 6 years ago. Victoria was one of the first members of our team and deals with all of our administration and accounts. Connect with her on LinkedInTwitter or Google+


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