Working from home post-COVID-19 lockdown

Obviously, one of the  biggest changes to working life over the last few months has been the shift to working from home. 

For many years, flexible and remote working options have been increasingly popular, although before the lockdown, far from commonplace in the UK. In the past few weeks, those opposing this option and businesses that did not see it as a possibility for their teams, have seen their reasoning confronted. In cases where productivity has continued, the structure looks to be successful, and the relevant resource investments have been made, there is now demonstrative evidence to support companies incorporating remote working in the long-term. 

From speaking to our clients, overall the lockdown shift to remote working has proven successful as they have managed to either maintain or improve their productivity. As a result, we have seen a change in attitude, with

80% of companies who didn’t previously offer remote working flexibility, planning to incorporate it into their long-term strategy.

Major technology companies – so often the standard bearers for change in practice within the industry – have all been forced to adopt a work from home strategy too. Matt Mullenweg (Founder of WordPress and Tumblr) referred to the lockdown as “the remote working experiment that no one asked for” stating, however, that the change to more flexible working formats was “long-overdue”.  

It’s extremely interesting to see the shift in attitude and consider how this short-term working solution will result in long-term shifts in working culture and structure going forward. It raises bigger questions such as:

  • How will working culture change in the future as more people choose to work remotely?
  • Will this change employee relations within the workplace? And British working culture as a whole?
  • How will this affect the social aspect of the workplace and colleague relations?
  • Will remote working have an impact on company loyalty and the average permanent employment length?

Only time will tell, but we plan to keep you updated as the guidance changes and more companies adapt to the “new normal” and start re-evaluating their working culture.