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Our core values underpin our culture, who we are and what we do.
They inform the decisions and actions we take to shape our business.

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As we grow and develop, we review these values and ensure they are still at the heart of every interaction we have with our candidates, clients and internal teams. Our values have been reviewed since we were first founded in 2013 as a result of our impressive growth and the evolving industry.

As we enter the next stage of our development, we’ve continued our commitment to “doing recruitment differently” and delivering an industry-leading service to all stakeholders.


We promote an open and honest culture.

At Corriculo, we operate an open, honest and transparent business for all stakeholders. From openly discussing specific role requirements with clients, to giving constructive interview feedback and helping our candidates grow.
By working with our clients and candidates in this way, we hope to build relationships with the very best in the business and facilitate long-lasting and well-suited placements.


We don’t stand still, not even for a minute.

At Corriculo, we dedicate ourselves to continuous improvement. The job market and industry are constantly changing as well as the way we communicate and work with our candidates and clients. We take pride in our ability to work both reactively and proactively to respond quickly to changes in the industry whilst also providing the most innovative and dynamic approach to recruitment on the market. We learn, we understand and we innovate for both our clients’ and candidates’ gain.


We are human and so are you.

Sadly, many agencies are obsessed with the final outcome of the process and lining their pockets. We know that investing our time to get to know and understand more than just skill sets and requirements is what sets us apart in an industry driven by hard targets and financial incentives. At Corriculo, we focus on the people involved in the process rather than just the process itself and outcome. We know the massive impact a new job can have on someone’s life as well as the impact a new employee can have on a business. Therefore, we adopt an empathetic, human approach to recruitment and always take the time to get it right.
We will tell you what we honestly think, an opinion based on experience and our market expertise.


We put sharing at the heart of everything we do.

Across the team we have more than 100 years of recruitment experience. We actively try to share our knowledge throughout the recruitment process to both candidates and clients alike. Whether it’s sharing interview preparation tips with candidates, or advising clients on a role, salary and requirements, we’d like to work together with you. Our team will strive to provide accurate, current, “best in class” advice and guidance to all stakeholders with the aim to achieve a successful conclusion for all parties.

If you would like to find out more about how we apply these values to our everyday practice, or have an interest in working with us