How to use InMails to further your job search

We know that LinkedIn and, more specifically, the InMail function is an incredibly powerful and effective tool designed to share information, opportunities and start conversations. That’s why it’s always so disappointing when we hear candidates’ experiences of being contacted by a recruiter who then, despite the candidate replying that they’re interested in a role, never reply and disappear off the face of the earth.

At Corriculo, we use a variety of different methods to communicate with our candidates and LinkedIn InMails is just one of them. We place high importance on effective communications and are committed to replying to our candidates, always!

In the meantime, here are some of our key tips for using InMails to further your job search and managing your relationships with recruiters:

Be persistent

From our experience, contacting candidates via LinkedIn InMail is just one of the many ways we reach out and talk to new people. Therefore, if it’s a position that you’re particularly interested in, or haven’t heard anything back as quickly as you would have liked, drop the recruiter another message. Being persistent will mean that they receive multiple notifications from you and are likely to prioritise your message.

Include all the information you can

If you receive a message from a recruiter about a position, be sure to reply with all the information that you can. For example, if they request your CV also try to include your key skills and areas or industries of interest. This way, even if the role they had contacted you about wasn’t quite the right fit, they’ll be able to quickly identify other roles that may be suitable.

Keep the lines of communication open:

InMails are a form of instant messaging and therefore intended to keep the conversation open and flowing where possible. If you’ve been talking to a recruiter via InMail and have a change in circumstances, haven’t heard from them in a while or would like to amend your job search categories, drop us a message!

By keeping us up to date, we can better target our search for you and work more efficiently to find opportunities for you!

For more information or guidance on how to use LinkedIn to aid your job search, get in touch now.