Why you should never assume your CV has been sent to a company

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When you are job hunting you will inevitably speak to a lot of recruiters and hiring managers. When a recruiter calls they will be making a short-list from which they will choose their final candidates. They should always tell you when your CV has been submitted but don’t assume it has or it could be costing you interviews. If there is a role that you like the sound of get written confirmation of submission from the recruiter. You don’t want the company to receive it twice as that looks bad on you but equally you don’t want to not be submitted at all. If it hasn’t been submitted by “Agency 1” there is no harm in “Agency 2” submitting it instead.



Why is confirmation so important?

Well, CV screening is a very subjective process and each consultant has to make sure they are submitting the best candidates they can. Just because one Recruiter thinks that you don’t meet the requirements, doesn’t mean that another will agree (or the manager for that matter). You could be merrily telling other agencies that you have already sent your CV when actually you’re on the “reserve” list. If that is the case you could be missing out on a great opportunity.



Speed is of the essence when it comes to job hunting and if a consultant is keeping you in reserve, then all the available interview spots could be filled before your CV has even got on the hiring managers desk. Getting written confirmation can also help you to keep track of all the companies who actually have seen a copy of your CV.



So how do you find out? Well just ask Agency 1 (preferably by email so you have a written record). If they say no you can move on to Agency 2. Should they be misleading you then a simple name check by Agency 2 will soon find out for sure. If you have been mislead then you should steer clear of Agency 1 altogether – you don’t want to be working with someone who won’t be honest with you.



Good luck with your job hunt.



Victoria Watkins is Office Manager here at Corriculo Ltd. After working as a Recruitment Consultant for 5 years she moved to Office Management for an IT consultancy 6 years ago. Victoria was one of the first members of our team and deals with all of our administration and accounts. Connect with her on LinkedInTwitter or Google+



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