July 2020 : Recruitment Update

We believe that it’s important to be informed about the decisions, actions and processes being put into place and used by local businesses and professionals. By being informed, we are better able to advise our clients and local professionals to make informed decisions too. We hope you find this information useful, please find our Recruitment Market Update for July below.

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Our main findings suggest that:
– Once again, we see an increase in the number of candidates seeking permanent positions on the market. This is something we anticipates as the lockdown eased as candidates have had the opportunity to reflect on their position (similar to what we see during the January/New Year period).
– Not only is there ongoing, consistent support for virtual hiring methods from both companies and professionals, but this month we know that 8/10 of the companies we’ve spoken to have successfully onboarded someone virtually during the lockdown period.

Take a look at our infographic now, or contact us now to discuss our full findings.