Why an informal interview is never just a rubber-stamping exercise

Hand using a Rejected office stamp

Before the finale of Great British Bake Off many people assumed that Richard would win. He had a great track record during the show. At the final things didn’t exactly go to plan and someone else won. The same thing happens with job hunting.



I’ve see quite often that an interview is considered to be a “rubber stamping exercise”. Meet the team interviews are a common time when things go wrong, you let your guard down and say something that should never be said in an interview because you’re not treating it like one. It’s not just candidates that fall foul of this. We have also seen times when a hiring manager wants to offer a candidate the job and arranges a “rubber stamping interview” with someone else, only for that interviewer to reject the candidate for whatever reason.



Just in case anyone is unsure THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A RUBBER STAMPING INTERVIEW. There is an argument that it’s better something comes out at interview stage than once you have started. This is of course true. All I am saying is don’t consider yourself to have the job until you actually have the job and treat each interview stage with the effort it deserves.



When you go to any interview, you have to treat it as if it’s a first stage interview. Their impression of you still counts, even if they’re being made for the second time. Have a look at our twitter feed and blog for lots of interview advice but the main points to remember are:

Be punctual

Prepare for the interview and do your research

Talk positively, particularly about previous employers

Be honest and professional at all times



It’s also worth bearing in mind whom you use as a reference and what they are going to say about you. If it’s something negative then try to tackle that early in the interview stage (your recruiter will be able to help you with this)



Victoria Watkins is Office Manager here at Corriculo Ltd. After working as a Recruitment Consultant for 5 years she moved to Office Management for an IT consultancy 6 years ago. Victoria was one of the first members of our team and deals with all of our administration and accounts. Connect with her on LinkedInTwitter or Google+


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