Getting Leadership to Work – Employee Voice – Oxford – 26th March

We regularly host free HR seminars by People Essentials and the Sian Perham Consultancy. These are informal breakfast workshops for small and medium sized Employers.


Our latest seminar is on the Employee voice and focuses on the vital role of Leadership and the importance of Employee Voice. Employee Voice is the foundation of sustainable business success. It increases employee engagement, enables effective decision-making and drives innovation.

This is an interactive event and you will have the opportunity to share experiences and ideas with other like-minded business colleagues.


Why Attend?

It’s proven that when leaders create a working environment that motivates and engages their employees there is a direct impact on profit, productivity, customer satisfaction, absence and health and safety.


Our events focus on the key areas that contribute to successful levels of motivation and engagement at work. Our objective is to share that knowledge with local business leaders like you and identify practical actions that will help you build levels of engagement and performance in your business.


Places are limited so if you would like to reserve your spot, click here to book