How to prepare for a virtual interview


Congratulations, you’ve secured an interview, and just because it’s online doesn’t mean you should take it any less seriously. 

We have been working with local companies to understand their processes around virtual recruitment and of all the companies who continued their recruitment over the lockdown period, 80% successfully interviewed and onboarded a new member of staff virtually. 

What does this tell us? 

It tells us that the expectations and intentions of companies conducting interviews are no different from those held face-to-face. This is your opportunity to introduce yourself, showcase your suitability for the role and will ultimately decide whether you’re successful or not. 

And with 8/10 companies saying that they plan to utilise virtual interviewing in their process going forward – it seems that they’re here to stay! 


So! Here’s our top tips for how you should prepare:


Research and prepare just as you would for a face-to-face interview. 


We have lots of guidance around the usual interview preparation on our website, take a look here for our advice.


Expect to have your camera on.


Unless you’re told otherwise or do not have access to a webcam (which you should always inform them about prior to the interview), you should expect for the camera to be turned on. 


Practice talking via video calls


Make sure you’re familiar with talking over video calls, pause when others are talking to avoid talking over them and log into the call earlier to make sure it’s working. 


Show your enthusiasm.


It’s harder for interviewers to read your body language over video calls, so make sure that your facial expressions and tone of voice show your enthusiasm and engagement. 


Think about your surroundings and potential interruptions. 


It’s important to think about your surroundings to consider what can be seen in the shot behind you, make sure it’s not too noisy so you can be heard and to think about others in your household that could potentially interrupt. 


Be formal and dress professionally. 


Just because you won’t be expected to shake hands and you don’t have to leave your house for this interview, doesn’t mean you should behave any less formally or dress any less professionally.
This is their first impression of you. So make it count! 


Ask questions about the working environment and office.


Attending an interview is usually a good way to learn more about the company, by seeing the office, you may be able to understand more about their working practices and what’s important to them. Make sure to still find out this information, but through your questions. 


Give the interview your full attention. 


Being on a device it’s easy to get distracted but it’s so easy for interviewers to know if you’re not fully engaged. Make sure to give the interview your full attention by closing all other tabs and look into the camera when you can. 


For more information and help with preparing for your upcoming virtual interview, please get in touch now. I’d be more than happy to help. 

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