How to make your LinkedIn profile more searchable

In more recent years, LinkedIn has become a very important tool in recruitment. For job searchers, you are able to look for new roles as well as connect with relevant individuals. On the other hand, employers are able to look for relevant candidates through the information provided on profiles. With the huge amount of profiles on LinkedIn, how do you make your profile appear in more searches?

With advice from our experienced recruiters here at Corriculo, here are some tips in order to make your profile more searchable.


Include your relevant job title

Make sure your specific job title is within both your headline and each of your positions. This way it will help to showcase your experience within different or similar roles and can help highlight you are suitable for a role.


Have a complete profile

Make sure your profile is filled in completely. Include all your previous experience as well as including your relevant degrees, qualifications and certifications. This can show you are as qualified as you are experienced for certain positions and may also make you stand out against other candidates. Certain roles may look for specific qualifications as an essential for all potential candidates.


Include specific, technical information

Your profile will be looked at in the same way as a CV. Employers will be looking for experience, qualifications and skills. This is why it is important to include technical information and keywords that will be searched for, so the more times you use keywords the more likely your profile will appear in relevant searches.


Provide details

In some cases, searches conducted by employers can be based on industry or certain work environments. It is therefore useful to provide the details of the company you work or have worked for. This can include industry/ field, company size, environment they work in (B2B, Client Facing), or if they operate multinational etc. This can help clarify information for the employer if they have not heard of the company before. It can also be useful to explain what you do for the company.


Open to Work

The open to work feature on LinkedIn allows people to know you are open to finding a new role and can make your profile more searchable to recruiters. The open to work feature also allows your connections to be aware you are opening looking for opportunities and therefore may be able to help you further your connections and opportunities. To find out more about this feature, read our blog post here.

If you would like more advice or information on how to improve your LinkedIn profile and increase it’s searchability, get in touch now!