How you can help your connections that are #Opentowork

Unfortunately, as the furlough support options change for companies, we’re seeing more and more people facing uncertainty or redundancy in their roles. LinkedIn have introduced a great new feature, allowing those looking for new opportunities to quickly identify themselves with a #Opentowork filter on their profile. 


If you’re one of the lucky ones in a stable position wondering what you can do to help your, not so lucky, peers and connections – here’s a few ideas:


Add a LinkedIn Recommendation to their profile. 

LinkedIn recommendations are invaluable. If you have a genuine experience of working with someone in the past and can give an example of their high quality work or passion for their industry, add a recommendation to their profile. 


Reach out directly.

Being made redundant and searching for new positions can be a tough process, why not send a message to your connection and see how they are doing and give them some additional motivation. This may help them more than you think. 


Share job opportunities.

If you receive an inmail from a recruiter sharing a new opportunity, or see a relevant job posting elsewhere on LinkedIn, share it with your connection.


If you have a recruiter you trust or have had a good experience with in the past – put them in touch.

Although some recruitment agencies have a history of treating candidates poorly, this is not the case with all! If you’ve had a good experience with a contact at a recruitment agency, put your connection in touch. Given the opportunity, we can be very helpful. 


Recommend them to your connections.

If you notice that someone is looking for work that would be an excellent fit for either your current company, a company you’ve  worked with in the past or their skillset might be attractive to a hiring manager you know well, recommend them. 


#OfferingHelp feature on LinkedIn posting.

Why not offer your times and skills to help them directly?

LinkedIn have a new feature for posting that uses #Offeringhelp and asks you to select what you can help with. Whether it’s career advice, CV review or referrals/introductions, this help is invaluable to someone who is struggling to find a new position. 


Always remember, by recommending someone you’re advocating for them. We only recommend you advocate for someone you know well or have worked with in the past as it could affect your reputation or relationships.  


At Corriculo we’re pleased to have received a 4.9 star rating from more than 140 Google reviews from candidates we have worked with. We have recently been nominated for the “Best Candidate Experience” award at the Recruiter Awards 2020 and pride ourselves on providing high quality, personalised advice and guidance for those we work with. 

If you have a connection you feel could benefit from this advice and guidance, please get in touch now.