Data Science Oxford – June 2020


On 18 June 2020, we’re pleased to have supported the Data Science Oxford meetup group with their very first online event. With more than 30 people in attendance, we were joined by Jon McLoone from Wolfram Research Europe to discuss “Big Problems with Big Data: Managing Risks in AI”. Daniel Hicks, Sourcing Consultant at Corriculo also delivered a short, market insight talk dedicated to the impact on Data Science.

Don’t worry if you missed it, we recorded the whole thing right here.

SYNOPSIS: Tools like the Wolfram Language have made machine learning accessible to anyone with basic computing skills. As the importance of knowing the internal details of machine learning algorithms diminishes, the importance of understanding how to apply machine learning appropriately rises. This talk explores the issues you need to consider in making data-driven decisions. It discusses topics such as when machine learning is appropriate, sources of bias, validation and explainability of models and decision-making criteria.

PRESENTER: Jon McLoone, Director of Technical Services, Communication and Strategy at Wolfram Research Europe. Jon is central to driving Wolfram’s technical business strategy and leading the consulting solutions team. Jon has over 25 years of experience working with Wolfram Technologies and gives regular keynote appearances and media interviews on topics such as the Future of AI, Enterprise Computation Strategies and Education Reform, across multiple fields including healthcare, fintech and data science. He holds a degree in mathematics from the University of Durham and is Co-founder and Director of Development for, an organisation dedicated to a fundamental reform of maths education and the introduction of computational thinking.

EVENT ORGANISERS: This event was organised by the Data Science Oxford meetup group, to find out more about their upcoming events, please visit their meetup page :…