Things to consider before accepting a counter offer

  Handing in your notice is rarely a pleasant experience. Unless you REALLY hate your job, you’re going to have some areas of regret. You’ve accepted your new job, built yourself up to talking to your boss, written your letter. You’re good to go. Then your boss throws a spanner in the works; they make […]

The Oxford hiring market report: Counter offers are creating havoc

  It’s fair to say that here at Corriculo we talk to a lot of hiring and HR managers. As well as recruiting for their IT vacancies, we like to find out what their challenges are. The number one complaint they have in the Oxford area is a lack of candidates being exacerbated by a […]

Why job hunting should never be a rash decision

  Someone we know walked out of their job this week after 37 years. She had been unhappy for a while and finally reached her tipping point. Whilst I think she was very brave doing what she did, I also would definitely not recommend copying her. After a bad day/week/month at work it can be […]

Things to consider before making a counter offer

  When a valued employee hands in their notice your first thought may we be “what am I going to do now?” Finding a replacement costs time and money and then there is the cost of on-boarding. It is much easier to just keep the person that you have in place so should you make […]

Why it’s so important to offer good talent the right salary

  There is a “war for talent” right now which makes your recruitment processes more important than ever. There is a surprisingly common mistake that hiring managers are making. Wondering what it is? Well imagine this situation; You receive an outstanding candidate’s CV for a job offering £35-40k. They are currently on a salary of […]