Corriculo Labour Exchange Programme

20 May 2020

Success! We found a match!

Thank you to all who came forward with resource. We’re pleased to announce we have matched up our first request!

An excellent, local company looking for a Frontend Developer resource to help with their website build has managed to find the perfect fit in the form of a permanently employed Developer at another Oxford-based company.

This short-term arrangement will not only benefit the receiving company by enabling them to start work on their project, but also helps the company providing the Developer, as they will receive payment for the work and provide an under-utilised resource with a fresh new project to work on.

Think this programme could benefit you?
Please contact us now for further information.

May 2020

This month we have launched our brand new Corriculo Labour Exchange Programme.

After speaking to our clients and local businesses, it became obvious to us that while some companies were struggling to keep their talented, Developer teams active with projects being put on hold, other companies were in a position to push forward with projects but were lacking resource.
And so our Corriculo Labour Exchange Programme was created!

In these uncertain times, we are offering this service to support local, Oxfordshire businesses. The feedback we have received so far is that this framework may be best suited to skills within Development, Testing and Database Administration, but we’d be happy to work with whatever roles you have, or need.

So whether you’re a company needing extra capacity, or have capacity to spare, find out more about how to take part here, email us at including your details and we’ll do the rest!