Benefits of Endorsements


We often discuss the importance of LinkedIn when it comes to your job search. This is because LinkedIn can go the extra mile in comparison to a CV by proving you possess certain skills and this can be confirmed by others. Here are some tips on how you can improve your skill section and the benefits of you doing so.


Skills Assessments 

Skills assessments are short quizzes you can complete that help to prove your success within certain skills areas. This can be particularly beneficial to those at the beginning of their career and may not have proven experience. Overall this is a great, quick and easy way to showcase your skill set.


Order your skills relevantly

You can have many skills on your LinkedIn profile from all of your previous roles/ experience. It is however important to list all your skills in a relevant order. Depending on what your current role is or what you want your next role to be, your skills at the top of your list will need to be applicable to that role. This can be useful as employers are more likely to see these skills. The top 3 skills on your profile can be viewed by anyone, so it’s important these are main skills you want potential employers to see. Some people will be able to see more skills by clicking ‘show more’ however, if these skills are endorsed it will not show who endorsed them.


Recommendations and Endorsements

Recommendations and endorsements are something that your CV can not offer alone. By having colleagues endorse your skills or even go the extra mile by writing you recommendations, this further proves your skill set. In addition to listing your skills in the relevant order, and having these top skills endorsed will be more meaningful and visible to potential recruiters.


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