We support, sponsor and organise a number of meetup and networking events across the Oxfordshire area. Our aim is to support the local Developer and professional networks to ensure a space dedicated to furthering knowledge and meeting like-minded people. Find out more about each of these events and the upcoming dates: .NET Oxford – For […]

Redundancy – Top 5 common mistakes (and how to avoid them)

Redundancy is often very unsettling for candidates. They are often caught unawares and unprepared for the news and there are obvious factors that cause instability. The impact of redundancy for some people can be life changing. Sadly, as a Recruitment Agency, we’ve seen this situation often with candidates and there are some fundamental errors that […]

Benefits of Hiring Contractors

Contract resource to deliver a specific project is nothing new. It does however get far more popular as the market downturns. Why? It can be cheaper Depending on the IR35 status of the contractor, they can save money on all benefits areas including holiday, sick leave and pension contributions. The client pays for the work […]

IR35 Delayed until April 2021: What does this mean for contractors?

Just one week ago Rishi Sunak delivered his first budget. It was something of an emergency budget with a significant number of provisions related to COVID-19. Hidden in the supporting Budget documents there was a single paragraph confirming that the private section IR35 reforms would be going ahead as planned. Fast forward a week and […]

6 reasons Public Speaking is something you should be doing more of

  Public speaking. Just hearing those words sends shivers down the spines of most. In fact, Glossophobia (the fear of public speaking) is the second most common fear in the UK* after Acrophobia (the fear of heights). Yet in most jobs, public speaking is something you have to face, and it really is a case […]

Why job hunting should never be a rash decision

  We’re all familiar with the scene at the end of the movie when the main character finally cracks, shouts “I QUIT” and storms out. And when you’re unhappy at work, it’s easy to start daydreaming about reenacting that exact situation. But let’s leave it to the movie stars to make these rash decisions on […]

How are the IR35 changes going to affect me?

If you’re currently working through your own limited company on a contract basis then there are some tax changes HMRC are pushing through that will potentially affect you from April 2020. Here’s our guide to what’s changing, why and how it will affect you.   What is IR35? IR35 is a piece of legislation that […]

Why 90% take-home pay rates for contractors are too good to be true

No-one likes paying taxes and talking about taxes isn’t exactly interesting but, if you’re a contractor, your taxes are more important than ever thanks to changes with IR35.   A few years ago there was a lot of publicity about aggressive tax “management” schemes (some more legal than others) so the government made various legislative […]

Some things to bear in mind when starting out as a contractor

Contracting, be it in IT or another sector, can be a fantastic career choice for many people. It has many benefits over permanent employment; The flexibility of being your own boss A potentially higher income, including greater tax efficiencies A wider variety of projects and work which regularly changes An opportunity to develop skills that […]

What is ITEPA and why does it mean recruitment agencies need my personal details?

There is a perception that too many people are using loop holes to avoid paying their “fair-share” of tax and HMRC shares this opinion. To help counteract this, they have put in place several new pieces of legislation that affect the recruitment industry.  Income Tax (Earnings and Pensions) Act , known as ITEPA, came into […]