At Corriculo, we work tirelessly to go that extra mile for our IT candidates. Not only do we provide access to some of the best employers in the region, we also aim to provide an innovative approach to help you on your way to finding your perfect role. Whether you’re looking for CV advice, market guidance, or IT career consultancy, we would be delighted to assist you using our extensive experience, so that you can make an informed decision.










We recruit across the full spectrum of IT careers, from Development, Support and Project Management, through to Web, Analysis and Management positions. We have built up strong relationships with all our clients, who trust us to work on their vacancies and represent their brands. Such relationships are important as they allow us to work thoroughly on vacancies, understanding them and providing the best advice to our candidates. This in turn improves your chance of success and decreases the possibility of you making a bad career move!


Exclusive Vacancies

The strong relationship that we have with our clients means that we’re often permitted to work on roles on an exclusive basis. If you’re looking for a complete overview of all the job vacancies currently available, then registering your CV with us is a must!


All communication with us is treated as being strictly confidential. You are also in control of the data that we hold for you, with a freedom to opt out of communications as well if your situation changes.

Impartial Advice

We will offer all our candidates the very best career advice that we can, even if the advice isn’t in the best interest of Corriculo! Our experience and background in filling job vacancies for companies, and specifically in IT recruitment, allows us to provide a unique perspective to your job hunt.

Salary and Market Data

Ever thought that you’re underpaid, or wondered what your equivalents get paid for doing the same job? Our unique salary benchmarking service can give you the information you need to make that all-important career decision.

Honesty and Integrity

At Corriculo, honesty and integrity are the cornerstones of our company values. We provide a genuinely open service to all, guaranteeing advice that you can trust. We will never lie, deceive, or attempt to deliberately mislead you in any way.

Continuous Improvement

We strive to provide all our Consultants with the very best in external training and development, with the objective being to enable them to deliver the best possible service to our candidates. We guarantee that the information and opinions you receive from all our consultants will be of the highest quality.