Celebrating 500 placements!

  We’re pleased to announce that since 2013, we have successfully introduced 500 enthusiastic and highly-talented candidates to over 120 excellent IT and tech companies across the world.  “Recruitment is a privilege” This is one of our founding beliefs and something that still influences our everyday interactions, attitudes and behaviours. Reaching a milestone like 500 […]r

Why an informal interview is never just a check-box exercise

It’s a common misconception that an ‘informal’ interview is just a check-box exercise and not to be taken seriously. And as a result, all too often we see excellent candidates fall at the last hurdle. Whether it be an online or physical meeting, all contact between candidates and clients throughout the recruitment process are extremely […]r

June 2020 : Recruitment Update

By working with our clients, local businesses and candidates over the last couple of months, we have been gathering information to understand how, in light of the Coronavirus pandemic and now the easing of lockdown measures, the Oxfordshire recruitment market has changed. Take a look at our infographic now Our main findings suggest that: – […]r

Working in a post-COVID 19 lockdown reality

The world is changing. After this period of lockdown, there will undoubtedly be another period with just as much uncertainty and turmoil in both our professional and personal capacities as our society battles to find a ‘new normal’.  Although at the time of writing, the government advice is still to work from home where possible, […]r

Mental wellness in the workplace post-COVID-19 lockdown

Mental health and the workplace has been on the agenda for a while now, with people becoming more aware of charities such as MIND and recognising the importance of well-being and prominence of mental illness in our modern-day society.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, the best companies have been paying close attention to the mental wellness […]r
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