Celebrating 500 placements!


We’re pleased to announce that since 2013, we have successfully introduced 500 enthusiastic and highly-talented candidates to over 120 excellent IT and tech companies across the world. 

“Recruitment is a privilege”

This is one of our founding beliefs and something that still influences our everyday interactions, attitudes and behaviours. Reaching a milestone like 500 successful placements gives us the opportunity to reflect on the excellent companies and candidates we have worked with over the years and the part we played in their journey. 

We endeavour to continue taking every opportunity to:

  • build relationships and get to know our candidates beyond the usual basic skill sets to truly understand who they are and what motivates them. 
  • continue to work in partnership with excellent companies to offer high-quality options to grow their business. 

We’re pleased to have played our part in 500 people’s stories, and look forward to the next 500. 

Thank you all for your continued support.