5 Job hunting tips you might not have thought of…..

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There is lots of advice available on job hunting (check out our blog and social media feeds) but here are some tips you might not have come across before:


Once you have written your CV change the font and colour; It tricks our brains into thinking it is a new document and makes it easier to proof-read. Don’t forget to change it back once you have checked it.


Get your hair cut; If you need to attend an interview at short notice then you will already be looking your best.


Pre-book some holiday; Nothing screams “I’m looking for another job” like lots of doctor’s appointments and days off here and there. Book one or two days off one week for first interviews and another day the following week for second interviews. Mondays and Fridays work well as you could be doing something over the weekend. Plus, once you have the days booked you are more motivated to get them filled.


Don’t tell your colleagues; This one is slightly controversial but I have never known someone to quit without most of the company knowing they are looking and that can be a risky path to tread. It’s probably best to keep it to yourself.


Make sure your phone / laptop / sat nav is charged; you don’t want technology to scupper your chances


Make sure you are using the latest trends in recruiting (such as social media) so you are in the right places to be found



Victoria Watkins is Office Manager here at Corriculo Ltd. After working as a Recruitment Consultant for 5 years she moved to Office Management for an IT consultancy 6 years ago. Victoria was one of the first members of our team and deals with all of our administration and accounts. Connect with her on LinkedInTwitter or Google+



Photo credit – Golan Levin on Flickr