Top tips for virtual onboarding from companies who have done it.

Sometimes we have to work things out from scratch for ourselves, using trial and error until we get it right. But you only get one chance at making an excellent first impression and onboarding your new starter!  We have been working with local businesses who have successfully onboarded new starters during the lockdown period, to […]

Virtual Onboarding – Should we expect for it continue post-COVID lockdown?

  Throughout the COVID-19 lockdown, as a country, we have been tirelessly searching for new ways to do… well everything in both our professional and personal lives. From hosting video calls and online quizzes with family and friends, to creating make-shift desks to get through the working week, everybody has adapted to the lockdown limitations. […]

Top tips for virtual interviewing from companies that have actually done it.

  Are you considering incorporating virtual interview techniques into your recruitment process for the first time? Or perhaps you interview online already but would like to improve? As a recruitment agency, we’re well accustomed to receiving feedback about interviews. Feedback from clients about their candidates for us to pass on, but also feedback from our […]

Virtual Interviewing – A pandemic fad, or should we expect to see it become part of the “new normal”?

Virtual interviews are not new to us. Before the lockdown period, they were less common, but as companies have chosen to continue their recruitment throughout the pandemic, in many cases, they have been the only option available to companies looking to continue growing their teams.  We have been working with local companies to understand their […]

July 2020 : Recruitment Update

We believe that it’s important to be informed about the decisions, actions and processes being put into place and used by local businesses and professionals. By being informed, we are better able to advise our clients and local professionals to make informed decisions too. We hope you find this information useful, please find our Recruitment […]