Working in a post-COVID 19 lockdown reality

The world is changing. After this period of lockdown, there will undoubtedly be another period with just as much uncertainty and turmoil in both our professional and personal capacities as our society battles to find a ‘new normal’.  Although at the time of writing, the government advice is still to work from home where possible, […]

Mental wellness in the workplace post-COVID-19 lockdown

Mental health and the workplace has been on the agenda for a while now, with people becoming more aware of charities such as MIND and recognising the importance of well-being and prominence of mental illness in our modern-day society.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, the best companies have been paying close attention to the mental wellness […]

Returning to the Office post-COVID-19 lockdown

For those companies who have/want to reintegrate their staff back to the office either fully or in part, the planning started weeks ago. Companies of all sizes are affected and there are lots of elements to consider around social distancing, protecting employees and limiting exposure. From speaking to our client companies, plans are being developed […]

Working from home post-COVID-19 lockdown

Obviously, one of the  biggest changes to working life over the last few months has been the shift to working from home.  For many years, flexible and remote working options have been increasingly popular, although before the lockdown, far from commonplace in the UK. In the past few weeks, those opposing this option and businesses […]

Corriculo Labour Exchange Programme

20 May 2020 Success! We found a match! Thank you to all who came forward with resource. We’re pleased to announce we have matched up our first request! An excellent, local company looking for a Frontend Developer resource to help with their website build has managed to find the perfect fit in the form of […]


We support, sponsor and organise a number of meetup and networking events across the Oxfordshire area. Our aim is to support the local Developer and professional networks to ensure a space dedicated to furthering knowledge and meeting like-minded people. Find out more about each of these events and the upcoming dates: .NET Oxford – For […]

May 2020 : Recruitment Update

Over the past couple of months we have been working with our clients, local businesses and candidates to understand how, in light of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Oxfordshire recruitment market is changing, and how companies plan to continue hiring over the next few months. Take a look at our infographic now Our main findings suggest […]