Why offering flexible working makes sense for employers and employees alike

When I joined the team here at Corriculo I opted to work both part-time and with some home working; I am writing the blog from my home right now. For me it made sense; saving on childcare costs, petrol costs and spending more time with my kids. Wednesday mornings at home are also my most […]

How The General Election Might Affect Job Hunting And Recruitment

You may have heard; there is a general election coming very soon and all the parties are starting to reveal their policies. The period immediately before an election can be an uncertain one for businesses whilst they wait to see what changes may be coming their way. Depending on the results of the election, there […]

Candidate Feedback

It’s always nice to know that people appreciate what you are doing.   One of our contractors recently finished their contract but gave us this feedback when he did; “Thank you to you and all at Corriculo for your professionalism throughout – I have been very impressed with Corriculo as an agency” “Fantastic job all […]

What is ITEPA and why does it mean recruitment agencies need my personal details?

There is a perception that too many people are using loop holes to avoid paying their “fair-share” of tax and HMRC shares this opinion. To help counteract this, they have put in place several new pieces of legislation that affect the recruitment industry. Income Tax (Earnings and Pensions) Act , known as ITEPA, came into effect […]

5 Job hunting tips you might not have thought of…..

  There is lots of advice available on job hunting (check out our blog and social media feeds) but here are some tips you might not have come across before:   Once you have written your CV change the font and colour; It tricks our brains into thinking it is a new document and makes […]